When You Know, You Know

Seriously. This dude is future boyfriend. It has to happen. I told him I missed Game of Thrones because of work and he said, “Well, I will save it for you and we will watch it when you come over.” 

I have to avoid spoilers for almost a week, but seriously… What a man.

Oh and I started talking to one of my supervisors about ex-friend. She went, “Can I be honest?” I said, “Absolutely.”

“He treats you like shit and you are worlds better than he deserves.”

It feels so good to hear it. I mean, to get that validation in a moment where you have nothing but immense doubt. When nine out of every ten people are saying that he was terrible to you… All the sudden you realize that it is hard to argue with ninety percent of people.

I think the tough part is to know that there is a man crying out for help underneath it all. Fuck, did I want to help him. So bad.

Maybe it is for the best. I now am finding myself turning back towards this intelligent, nerdy man who I think will be thoughtful and caring and make me realize that relationships don’t have to be a never-ending source of immense pain. 

He will give me what I need in life, and he gives me a good feeling. I think it will be easier for me to be less of a pessimist when I get away. And thank freakin’ God for that. 

I hope seeing him on Saturday will keep this good vibe going. It will be nice to have good things happen after dealing with so much for years. 



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