You Can Use the Internet for Everything

I went to my store manager at first job that pays the bills and told him I wanted to know how I resign. They apparently have a freaking checklist you do. It’s crazy.

Anyway, I think I’m pretty settled on the idea of quitting there. I’m sort of sad because I enjoy working with this one girl at my other job. When I switch to full-time, I won’t see her much anymore. 

But I can’t let that deter me from doing this. It’ll be good for me to do for a little while at least. I will have new experience to add to my resume and that will look nice when I go to apply to other jobs in the future. 

I regret getting involved with my ex-friend. The way we flirted, the way he got my hopes up and crushed them. Every time I read things that related to my experience, narcissistic personality disorder comes up. It makes sense. 

So basically, something is psychologically wrong with him. And I was right to call abuse. He abused me. Dick.

It did alter my idea of how I should be treated. I am talking to a man who will likely become my next boyfriend and he is genuinely good and caring. All his friends say he will be amazing to his future wife. I could use someone who knows how to treat a woman in my life. 

So fingers crossed it will work out nicely between us. I could use a good man after the shitty one.

I was talking about it to a co-worker and she said that something is clearly wrong with him. Also that I wasn’t trying to change him but trying to help him. And there was nothing wrong with that. It meant that I was merely the better person in the situation. 

That made me feel better about how I acted. While it was excessive and obsessive, my intentions were good. Also he likely messed me up in the whole abuse process. 

Yeah, another short entry. I’m fucking tired. I think I’ve slept maybe 17 hours since Sunday night. It’ll be nice to get some time to catch up.



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