The full time option is a possibility for me at my second job. I would have to move on to something different and likely more stressful. However, it would be full time. 

No more 56 hour weeks without overtime pay. That will be nice. Overtime would be mandatory but it sounds like it would only be an hour or two each day. I could handle that.

I discussed it with current potential man, and he asked me a couple things:

Will the paycheck work in my favor?

Will the hours be more manageable?

Will you have upward mobility? 


What is keeping you from doing it?

So I answered and he sort of let me come to my own conclusion while offering his opinion.

This guy might be the fucking Kelsey whisperer. Holy shit. 

I feel like I should give him another chance. Maybe I needed closure from the great asshole. I have that now with him continually being an emotionally abusive dick. 

God, how do I tell them I’m leaving again? And that the biggest reason has to do with another employee that almost destroyed me? 

It’s going to be a hard conversation with lots of tears on my end. I don’t want to necessarily leave but I do know that I will always be living in a personal hell if I stay. 

If only he would leave so I could have my first job that pays the bills back. I never realized how much I don’t actually mind it. 

Maybe this is the fucking kick I need to move on. Maybe this will be great for me. I won’t know until I dive in with both feet and give it a shot. 

I really hope this is the right decision.



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