Going Crazy and Misunderstandings

Yup. I’ve done it. I talked and talked and obsessed until I got blocked by my ex-friend on Facebook. Granted, he cannot take any sort of criticism without being a huge fucking baby about it. 

So I talked to the guy I slept with after things went down hill with him. And apparently, the reasons why I got distant were all a huge misunderstanding. It makes me feel bad because I probably shut it down too soon. 

I might reconsider it. He was sweet and I think he would actually treat me the way I deserve. Plus, he’s a bit of a nerd and likes things I like. 

The only disappointing thing is that he doesn’t have blue eyes or facial hair. I really love facial hair. 

We shall see. Maybe something good will come from my asshole ex-friend. 

It also has me venturing into the idea of going full time at my temp job, which means I’d get a change there. That could be good for me, too. 

Honestly, maybe just getting away from him will be good for me. 

Anyway, I want to get to bed soon, so I think I’m going to do that. 



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