Long Days and Kelseys Don’t Mix Well

I am currently having a bunch of computer issues, which is annoying because one, I worked 12 hours between two jobs, and two, I have to do that same thing tomorrow, so I would love to be going to sleep. 

I know I don’t owe you guys a daily entry. I owe me this time. It is more helpful for me to come here than to sit alone and try to think things out on my own. Granted, I still sort of an doing that. It’s just now you all can read it.

Affording a new computer will be a special kind of hell. Mostly because it requires me to have some sort of credit, and my credit utilization is fucking terrible. I think the time has come, though, since that sucker is close to a decade old. Old Spiffy just ain’t what it used to be. Or is this Magic Laptop? I forget.

All in all, everything hurts, I’m tired, and I want this week to be over, which means I think the second job may only last until the middle of October. I don’t think I can do this through Christmas. It will be too much for me.

I guess at least I am learning this now so that I know what will need to happen to get me through this year financially.

All in all, I think it’s time to find a job that I can tolerate and will pay the bills. I hope that exists.



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