Making More Changes

I got a letter from my main bank today. They are changing my savings account, and not in a good way. Basically, I would have to pay $10 per quarterly statement because I cannot maintain the minimum balance.  Also, it gives me five times less than my other savings account.

While I’m at it, I’m thinking that I am also going to close down my other checking account. I have more benefits with my other checking account, like earning money every time I use my debit card. So, it’s going to be better overall for me. Plus, if they’re going to have a minimum balance on their savings account, who knows how long it will be before they add a minimum to checking?

I understand the premise. It costs money to maintain an account, I’m sure. But, I don’t have the kind of lifestyle and paycheck that allows me to deal with a minimum balance on any of my accounts. So, I have to move on and do what will be best for my financial situation.

Switching banks is such a pain, though. I mean, it’s not much more than an inconvenience, but man, do I not want to dedicate time to that. Luckily, I have until September 1st to do all this crap, so I think I can manage. Thanks to the power of the internet, I already changed my direct deposit information for both my jobs. I’m also in the process of putting new bank information on all my credit cards and debit cards.

It honestly probably won’t be that bad. I think my preconceived notions have everything to do with the fact that it was a pretty big hassle when I switched banks about 10 years ago. Of course, so much has changed with online banking and everything else, that I think it isn’t anywhere near the same world that it was when I went through that process.

Although, I do have to go into my current bank to close my account, so I’m a bit worried about that process.

It will be good for me, though, and I’ve been toying with the idea of transitioning banks for the past year. Maybe it’s time.


Last night’s blog got me thinking. The entirety of this blog has been focused on getting me to ask two questions:

  1. Is this what I want?
  2. Is this what I need?


So… what do I want and need in terms of a man? Someone cerebral without being cocky or intimidated by a smart woman, who is physically intimate but not overwhelming on the PDA. Someone with a great sense of humor, who can make me laugh my problems away. Someone who will let me do my own thing but always be willing to help me when I need him. Someone who is proud of me and wants to show me off as the person he’s with. Someone who will take care of me as much as I take care of him.

Basically, I want, and need, to be loved, valued, and appreciated. Not that fucking hard, right? I think that’s pretty much what all of us want, isn’t it?

 I’m also extremely understanding. Can’t see me tonight? That’s cool. Want to go away for a week with your friends? Have a good time. 

It took me a long to realize why it made me so mad that ex-friend rejected me… And that’s when it hit me. When you treat me well, I am a fucking awesome girl to date. When you don’t, I’m a fucking crazy, jealous bitch because you aren’t treating me right. 

I think this is an immensely helpful thing for me to understand. After all, if you don’t know why you’re broken, how the hell do you fix it?



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