Short Entries Happen When You Work 32 Hours In about 72

I am writing this while giving myself a much-needed foot massage. I’m honestly removing sleep time from my schedule to do this, but, like I said, it is needed.

Something made me decide to calculate how many hours I put in just since Saturday night. The answer is 32. Yes, I’ve put in essentially a full-time schedule in basically 72 hours. I actually feel less upset with that knowledge. The paychecks will be good, but I cannot wait to just have a day off where I sit in my laziest clothing and binge watch Netflix or something.

I do feel less guilty sitting around doing nothing. That might be the best thing to come out of such a busy schedule. I feel like I earn my free time and I value it so much more.

Since I have to go to bed, this is another short one without a lot of thought or insight. I do hope you’re all doing well, and I promise I will get a chance to write a good entry at some point this week.

Until then,


P.S.- For the record, I actually did a decent job massaging my feet. Thanks YouTube!


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