Night Shifts with a Side of Very Little Free Time

Today’s the kind of day where I’d love to go for a long drive at night to clear my head. I can’t, because I work all night tonight.

As much as I love the little bit of extra income, because it helps me achieve my financial goals faster, I also miss having the free time to do things like go see a movie during the afternoon, or just go for a drive to clear my head.

Sometimes, I think that is the biggest downside to being an American. We seem to have this cultural mindset that if you’re not working all the time, you’re lazy. You have to “earn” the right to relax when you’re “too old to work.”

It’s not even that I’m afraid of putting in the work, or that I am actually lazy. I just wish our values would shift so that we could increase our emphasis on things like having more time to enjoy life.

Just because we decided to break ties from a country who says, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” doesn’t mean we had to ditch the things that they ended up doing right.

Yes, that was a history joke. You’re welcome.

Seriously, though, while hard work is admirable and good for the soul, I do think we do way too much of it here in the United States.

I also think we’re a bit selfish. See the way our country debates healthcare for my justification to think that way. Yes, I do understand why other countries see that viewpoint as whacked. I honestly do, too, because I’m for the idea that it makes sense to pay more in taxes to take care of each other.

Why people in my country only see the “moocher” aspect, I will never understand. I know so many hardworking people and I’d love to be able to help each other out with that whole “not having to be too broke to go to the doctor.” If it means I have to pay for the minority who want to do nothing other than jack shit, then so be it.

I had 4 cups of coffee yesterday. The thing about getting to your 30’s is that, all the sudden, your ability to recover from everything quickly doesn’t work anymore. My stomach was fucking pissed at me for all that coffee. I feel like I should probably write it an apology letter and maybe not drink 4 cups of coffee today.



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