Well, I Have to Retract Yesterday’s PMS Induced Attitude

Ok, so I ranted yesterday about someone being ungrateful. Honestly, a bit of that is out of the raging of a PMS lunatic. I hate to say I am that stereotype… but I am totally that motherfucking stereotype of a raging bag of hormones right before the not-so-adorably named, “Eve’s Curse” takes over.

He made me eat my words today. I found a gift card for a restaurant he likes that I haven’t used in over a year. Honestly, with my schedule and everything, I’m just not going to be getting there.

So I asked him if he still went there frequently. I knew the answer would be yes, because even though we aren’t really friends, I still can tell you that he loves the food there and probably goes more often than his wallet would like him to go.

Obviously, he said yes and I gave him the gift card, told him that it had $10 on it and that I would rather it go to someone who would use it in no time.

He went, “Really? Thank you!”

It was a legitimately enthused thank you, and it felt so good to actually get that kind of gratitude from him. I always thought that maybe he just didn’t like me and that, therefore, he couldn’t respect me enough to feel gratitude towards anything I did. And here I was, giving him a gift card just because I knew it would be something he could use.

Sometimes, you have to admit when you were wrong about a person, and I was wrong. The capability is there. I just never did it the right way for him.

I’m ok with that being the lesson. Gratitude doesn’t always need to be shown for everything. It’s also ok that I am grateful for a lot, but maybe I show so much gratitude because even common human decency is something amazing to me. Therefore, my bias is that people should be more grateful because there are situations where you don’t get things like common human decency. Hell, there are situations where people don’t even have their basic needs met.

The thing about gratitude is it’s giving someone something that shows you legitimately pay attention and are showing them decency.

It’s not hard to be good to each other. Maybe we need to be doing that more often. Or maybe I need to be doing that more often to the people I legitimately care about, living up to my own idea that I am a really good person.



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