Fitting In Sleep and Bad Crutches

As soon as I got home from my first job, I fell asleep almost instantly. I was so worn out. At first, I thought maybe I was just a bit of a wimp. Then, I realized that three hours of sleep wasn’t enough to get through 8 hours of work. That makes being tired sound a lot more excusable. I’m at least trying to make my life better instead of complaining about where I was.

I mentioned to a coworker at my second job that I was working two jobs and he went, “Wouldn’t it be better to have one full-time job?”

Luckily, another coworker answered for me. She said that it would but sometimes it isn’t very easy to get one full-time job. That is partially true. Also, I think I may just be the type that does better with two part-time jobs over one full-time job. Less boredom on my part.

Sure, I make less money this way because I can work more than 40 hours without receiving overtime. However, I can also work more than 40 hours and not be blocked from going over 40 hours because a company doesn’t really want me to work overtime. So it comes with its own set of pros and cons.

I know I keep saying this, but it really is helping to have two jobs. I’m starting to think it might take me longer than I expected to get financially back on track, but I will have to keep at it. Eventually, I will get out of my current mess. It took me a while to get here, so it will take a while to get out.

It’s raining again. We’ve had a lot of rain here over the past couple weeks. Hence, the flooding I mentioned a couple days ago. Today was the first time I received an alert on my phone for a flash flood warning. That was fun.

Is it bad that I cannot remember when I last got an oil change? I know I did one this year, but I cannot, for the life of me, tell you when that was. Maybe March? I guess it wouldn’t hurt for me to bring my car in for another one and have them check a few things out. Although, I might need a couple weeks before there’s room in my bank account for that.

Seriously, using credit cards as a crutch for years? Fucking horrible idea. Sometimes, you don’t have a choice, but sometimes, you buy things you don’t need and you end up with so much stuff that you overspent on.

I guess that’s why they say that “You live, you learn.”



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