My Mind Must Be Bouncing on a Trampoline of Random Thoughts

My clothes are currently in a small scale version of Mount Everest on the bottom half of my bed. Well, maybe I’ve managed to demolish half of my Everest scale at this point. There’s still a shit ton, though.

That often makes me wonder. What exactly is a “shit ton”? Is it shit that weighs out to be a ton? Or is it such an immense amount of shit that it is incomprehensible to quantify because you would be nauseated by the smell before you’d count it all?

These are some of the things that plague my mind when my cage isn’t being rattled by yet another bout of insecurity.

We had a lot of rain in northeastern Illinois. I live about a block or two from a decent-sized river, and it is currently flooded to the tops of the docks and nearing roads that are along the river. Last I heard, they haven’t opened the dam that is further north (the river runs north to south), so I have a feeling the flooding hasn’t crested yet.

The local government provided some sandbags, but we will have to see if they provided enough for our neighbors. We, luckily, live far enough away from the river that we don’t have a lot of severe flooding issues. Minor flooding occurs in the low spots of our yard, but nothing where we’ve really had to worry about our house being damaged in the process.

I have not done much this weekend, mostly because I wanted to relax before I am going to be working at least the next 19 days in a row between my two jobs. Of course, that doesn’t make the mini-mountain of clothes and the mess in my bedroom go away now, does it…

In fun, absolutely silly news, it’s National Ice Cream day in the U.S. I’d like to know who makes this shit up. You know, after I finish my awesome bowl of ice cream. Ice cream that I honestly only bought because I found out today was National Ice Cream Day. I’m that dedicated to my favorite kind of dessert.

My waistline probably wishes I was that dedicated to vegetables. Silly waistline.

The mountain is slowly becoming a plateau. After I write a sentence or two, I grab an item of clothing and either sort it out or fold it. That’s kind of like making progress, right?

Today’s entry is definitely a bit random, so I apologize if it’s a bit harder to follow with all the jumps I seem to be making without any sort of transitions. The mind is operating a bit like that, today. Fucking scattered and willy-nilly. Are people under the age of 75 supposed to use things like “willy-nilly”? Not that that will deter me from future use; I was merely curious what kind of social norms I was rejecting.

Another completely random and fun fact, but did you know that the highest natural point in Illinois is Charles Mound? Yup, it’s about 1235 feet above sea level, AND… it’s in someone’s freakin’ yard. Yeah, their house is in viewing distance of this point. They are apparently kind enough to let people come visit it on a few select weekends during the summer months in our area.

Oh, and here’s a bonus fun fact… but this one is sarcastic fun. It’s only about 5:30 P.M. as I write this. Both my parents are completely drunk. I would say that in the U.S., culture sort of dictates that you only get drink before 5 P.M. on special occasions, like weddings or holidays. No, National Ice Cream Day doesn’t count. That’s somebody’s made up, “Make people like Kelsey buy ice cream” holiday.

It sometimes amazes me that I am not a lot worse off having grown up with crap like this on a very regular basis. As in, this happens pretty much every weekend.

I will be abusing my headphones tonight. Expect to see another entry from me tomorrow.



2 thoughts on “My Mind Must Be Bouncing on a Trampoline of Random Thoughts

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