Posting Places and Tears for Fears

I was invited to write posts for BayArt. Today, I put up my first post on there about intelligence. If you want to check that entry out, go here. You can also check out some other posters on there. It seems to be a fairly decent sized community of posters, and they have a lot of great stuff to say.

Of course, I wanted to still give you guys the Kelseytell you know here. Plus, this is like my fucking diary and shit like that. I can’t just abandon progress. 

I have Songs from the Big Chair by Tears for Fears playing on repeat. I’m pretty sure I mentioned near the beginning that this album is beautiful therapy. Honestly, it is one of my favorite albums that came out of the 1980s. I could thank the ex-friend for that… Fine, I will thank him. 

If you ever read this, thank you for bringing my attention to the fact that this album is incredible.

I know, that wasn’t that bad. Can’t I pretend it bothered me to be grateful to another human being for bringing something good into my life?

Actually, sometimes, I suck at expressing gratitude. I think because I am afraid to be rejected for being “too intense.” Yes, it has happened before, and yes, sometimes, I can be a bit intense in my declarations. I’m working on that because I do feel I am capable at going with a simple “thank you.” 

By the way, my frenemy, humidity, showed up to play tonight. If I don’t post tomorrow, there is a chance I ended up melting into a puddle of sarcasm. Can I be iridescent when I become a puddle or am I not allowed a choice in the matter? 

It’ll be a short entry today for the sheer fact that I need to get a couple other things done before bed. 

Until tomorrow, 



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