The Drama Wave Is Ending

Somehow, I missed the fact that I have written over 100 blog entries. Yay for that! 

I like and hate days like today. I like today because I work both jobs, which means double the paycheck. However, I also sort of hate being busy because then I have a lot less time to relax and enjoy myself, especially when I have to work roughly 8 hours after I get home from another job. 

Do any of you ever struggle with sleeping for the first couple of hours after getting home from somewhere? Unless it is drinking, I will usually be home for at least an hour or two before I am sleepy. I can even be tired wherever I came from and still manage to be awake once I drive home. Or hell even after walking home. 

I’m guessing it’s some sort of, “Hey, you were active. Let’s think about shit now!” 

That effect causes me more insomnia than anything. Was that the right form of effect? I always seem to struggle, even though I know one is basically a noun and the other a verb. Once in a while, I get it right. 

Ex-friend and I are apparently working at becoming friends again. Maybe he remembered that under it all, I am a pretty fucking decent human being and he shouldn’t have written me off like that. 

How do I know? Well, until today, he wouldn’t sit outside the building alone with me. Yeah, we were that level of petty. I couldn’t look at him, and he couldn’t manage to be in the same space alone. It probably made it rather obvious that we weren’t fond of each other. 

I’m honestly just glad to be done with that bull shit. I know that drama is a part of life and you cannot get away from it. It feels so damn good when it subsides, though. 

That might be one of my favorite things about my other job. It doesn’t feel like I have to get involved in drama. I can show up, do my shit, and leave. 

I went to the gym for the first time since I got my cold. It felt fantastic, and I need to figure out how to have the time for my gym sessions, again. I’ve missed exercise terribly. 

So that’s about all I have for today. Until tomorrow,


2 thoughts on “The Drama Wave Is Ending

  1. OMG!! I totally feel you about not being able to sleep as soon as I get home, even if I am completely wrecked. I can be in the car almost falling asleep at the wheel but as soon as I get in the door and up to my room, my brain is all PING! “Oh hey, wake up, let’s think lots, forget we were tired not five minutes again, now we’ve got all this shit to think about!!!” Usually I get amongst a guided meditation off one of my apps and am good to go after not too long. I’m slowly getting better at it!

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    1. Funny story… I used to think meditation was a total fucking bust. Eventually, I actually figured out that I just happen to respond to certain voices better than others. That eventually led me to ASMR, and for some reason, medical roleplays calm me more than anything. Although, I’m also a freak who actually gets super relaxed when I go for a doctor’s appointment, so maybe that should’ve been a clue, 🙂


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