Should Patriotism Be Blind?

Today is a holiday, which I’m sure the rest of the world knows because Americans from the U.S. like to point that out. You know, kind of like I am now. We have a lot of pride about our freedom…, and guns. Sometimes in that order; sometimes reversed, I think. It makes me understand why the “American” stereotype exists.

I do like being an American; I want to make that clear. However, that doesn’t mean that I think I have to blindly enjoy every aspect. Our country does some wacky shit, and I think it is important to realize your country does some wacky shit even if it is great.

For instance, I think it is wacky to be one of only a small handful of countries that does not provide paid maternity leave(they only hold your job for approximately three months). Also, universal health care… which, while I get that it can be expensive for a government, it also seems a bit weird that we are the only ones not adopting it, while pretty much paying more than everyone else. Oh, and don’t get me started on the whole defense budget. I don’t quite get that either, since veteran benefits typically seem terrible.

However, I also live in a country where it is fully acceptable for me to question my government… and to say that a lot of the people in charge are bought. People might get on my case about it, but they cannot deny my right to it.

To answer the question posed in my title: no, patriotism should not be blind.

It’s my view on everything. Always be willing to improve, to change, to grow. You don’t have to love everything about yourself to love yourself. Nor do you have to be a self-loathing bitch to seek improvement. The same thing applies to your country.

Nothing in life is perfect. You aren’t. The country you live in isn’t. The universe isn’t. It’s where we are, though, and until sci-fi is proven real, it’s basically all we got.



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