Changes in Habits

I’ve developed a bad habit over the past couple of days. I call it “Staying up until 3 A.M., eating junk food at midnight, and not working out.”

The title might need some work.

My motivation is dying. That’s likely the dramatic way to put it, but it’s true. I am lacking serious motivation. Maybe it’s the new schedule.

For instance, today, because I was off both jobs (it was voluntary to go to the new one but the other guys I work with were essentially told that we didn’t need to go), I did close to nothing. The only reason it wasn’t nothing was because I managed to catch up my laundry.

I also had babysitting duty for about 45 minutes with my sisters’ kitten. He’s a little, feisty thing that loves to bite at your ankles. The little punk. He is fortunate that he is cute.

I’m hoping that this motivation slide has everything to do with the sleeping in thing. I woke up at around 11 A.M. today, which is super late for me. I do know that I have a much harder time getting things done when I’m not up before 9 A.M.

Tomorrow will be a reset for me, since I will have to be at work by 7:30. Yes, on a holiday in my country. Gotta love working retail.



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