First Days of Boredom?

I did my first day at the new job. It is mind numbing. It requires some attention to detail, but holy shit is it boring. On the positive side, I am getting paid for something that is mind-numbingly easy, so it won’t be something I won’t feel terrible for leaving when I hopefully don’t need it anymore in a year or two. If I play my cards right, it will be sooner rather than later. 

Also, we are not allowed to listen to music. On one hand, I get it because there are forklifts. However, I am in an area where forklifts really aren’t stopping by to visit. Usually they dump off some huge boxes (which, why are they called Gaylords?) and leave us the hell alone. Therefore, it seems like it’s merely a way to torture us… Ok it probably isn’t, but I still wish they would let me listen to music.

They do play music, but half the songs make me think of my ex-friend. He would sing a lot of the songs that played there, and I kept going, “Motherfuckers. Why do this to me?!”

It really could’ve been worse though. I mean, I know I can survive it for a little while. At least until I figure out life. Plus, it is only 4 hours for, at most, 5 days a week. It will be fine. I will survive this for a little while. 



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