Kelsey the Lobster Woman

When you are a fair skinned woman, the sun is your enemy. Of course, I am also the jackass who forgot to put on sunscreen before embarking on a walk with my sister. Needless to say, I am more cooked lobster than white woman on certain parts of my body. 

Second job is officially starting Monday. The nerves are kicking in about whether or not I am going to be flaky and try to ditch this job. I’ve done it twice in the past year, so I would call that a track record in recent history. 

In exciting things, though, I have new pillows that went on clearance at work today. I was just thinking about how mine were super flat and unsupportive. Now I don’t have that problem. 

I found my aloe gel. Lobster skin is happy now that I put something helpful on it. Of course, because of all this sun exposure, my face is finally clearing up again. Life is full of trade-offs, isn’t it. 

Oh and poor judgments like foregoing sunscreen when lobster is a viable skin color for you… Maybe one day I will learn. Don’t hold your breath, though.


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