Humidity and the Desire for Experience

Welcome back that bitch, humidity. It was rather pleasant for the past few days, but today, 89 with 70-something percent humidity. Seriously, I would never survive further south in the U.S. in summer. I’m up at the 42nd parallel in the middle of the continent, and that’s more than enough humid for me.

Somehow, I turn my fan so that half the time it is cooling a wall with nothing of importance, and for one fleeting moment, I get a breeze. It doesn’t matter how many times I twist it back in the direction I desire, it always makes its way back to the current, “I will keep this random bunch of shelves cool” position.

My guess is that when I am half asleep, my clumsy ass walks into the sucker and turns it. That sounds EXACTLY like me. Also, this clumsy ass is still rather prominent, so it takes up a bit of space which causes it to want to win whatever space it can. Therefore, fan loses. On a positive note, I don’t ever have to consider wearing the underwear that adds these like plastic bag fillers to your booty.

So um… yay for that?

Current job that pays the bills wants us to come in earlier for when we process our merchandise trucks. I’m a bit afraid of that because I will be working until 7:30 p.m. with the other job. I already warned the supervisor that there’s a chance I may not be able to get in early enough, and to not give up on me until I adjust to the changes that are happening in my life.

It’ll be rough, but I have to keep reminding myself that this is only a temporary state of being. That I will get used to it, that the new job will be great to add to my resume, and that it will give me a nice change of pace to my mostly boring life. Plus, essentially doubling my income will be amazing; let’s be honest. I might actually make enough this year that I will owe a little in taxes for a change.

I’m hoping that maybe, if I manage to get enough of my finances under control, that I will be able to do something really fun and interesting for my birthday. Maybe go somewhere I haven’t been before that isn’t too far from here. It would be nice to be able to add experiences to my life, instead of more stuff.

That’s the transition I am making in life. I don’t want stuff. I want memories, to see parts of this world that I haven’t seen before, even if they are only an hour or two away by car. Until that phase of life shows up, though, I am going to try not to melt in this humidity.



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