Songs about Aches and Pains Don’t Really Make Them Go… But They’re Fun

I keep randomly singing bits of the musical Les Miserables. However, I don’t sing the actual words so much as make that the melody to whatever I am feeling at that moment. 

For instance, my youngest sister and I went on a walk just a little while ago, so I started using “Look Down” to talk about how sore my legs and hips are. It basically went:

      My hips, they hurt

      I cannot bend or bow.

     You wuss, get up

     And do some squats right now.

That’s some fucking motivation right there. I mean, maybe the use of “wuss” was a bit mean, but it did make me go, “Bitch, I am not a wuss!” So now I did squats and my body is crying a little more. 

I really need to figure out how to fit my workouts into my new schedule. Yes, I will be working more than 40 hours a week, but so do some full-time employees. If some of them can manage, I sure as fucking hell can figure it out. 

After all, I am currently earning points towards gift cards on my laptop while I write this on my phone. That’s some killer multitasking right there. Also yay Swagbucks. 

My sister got me a small frozen hot chocolate. It was worth all 400 empty calories consumed. Even if all I have managed to do since consuming it is sit on the couch with my legs elevated. 

Apparently that is supposed to be good if you have varicose veins like it looks like I do. Basically, gravity helps the blood get to the heart more efficiently, which means blood isnt pooling and weak vein walls  are getting a break. It eases a lot of the achy feelings I get in my legs, so I am more than happy with that fact alone. 

Sometimes, I will sit like this until I get this sort of warm, tingly feeling in my legs. There’s also a sort of light feeling, like my legs stop feeling weighed down. Maybe that blood makes them feel heavy.

With that, I am going to try to get to at least 8 p.m. before falling asleep. Wish me luck!



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