Sleepy Kelsey Have Trouble Doing the Writing Thing

I left my Fitbit at home today by mistake, but I learned that you can sort of enter in a rough guess by logging it as exercise. So I probably underestimated the amount, but guessing about 4,000 steps is better than losing all the steps I managed today.

I’m already super tired and it’s only a little after 6 p.m. I am going to guess it was all the exercise, since I haven’t exercised very hard for over a week. Today, I walked for just over an hour, and while it felt great to get moving, it definitely decided to make me tired. Maybe that means I’ll sleep really well tonight. That would be wonderful.

My mom threw a fit over the fact that we didn’t cook her mushrooms today for pizza. My sister and I went out to buy stuff for our pizzas, and I forgot that she mentioned having mushrooms. So my sister cooked her package of mushrooms instead. When my mom found the unopened pack of mushrooms in her refrigerator, she immediately went, “Well now my mushrooms are going to go bad!”

So yeah, my dad had to start yelling back. I went and hid in my bedroom where I don’t have to deal with their crap. It is better that way… well, for me, haha.

I’m currently listening to a Vlogbrothers video about what boys look for in girls, and it is deeply interesting to hear how heterosexual women alter themselves to be attractive. He says something along the lines of how women are taught that their value is determined by men. As someone who has personally struggled with this concept, I felt a strong connection to the talk here.

Yeah, that’s all I have. Like I said, tired.



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