Life Is a Mixed Bag

So I live in a relatively large town/small city of about 45,000 people. Crime is extremely unusual. I follow the local paper on my Facebook and they reported that a body was found in a pond maybe a mile from my morning job. At first it was a possible body but it evolved to a death investigation.

I was a Sophomore in high school when the World Trade Center terrorist attack occurred. At that moment, I had a realization. Very few places in the world are safe. It became none on 2/14/2008, when I was an undergraduate student at Northern Illinois University. If there are readers who don’t know why that date and location are important, there was a shooting at Northern Illinois University on that date.

The world isn’t a safe place. You never know what kind of scary, dark things are going to occur, even in your own backyard.

This is a morbid beginning to my entry, I know, but it is something I want to tackle today. I think it is super important to recognize this reality while understanding that the world is complex. Even amongst all the shitty things, there are some beautiful, wonderful things.

For instance, today is actually my mother’s birthday. Also, in 1865, this was the day that the last slaves were emancipated. So, every date has a mixed bag of events, just like life. We will all find ups and downs in this world. There will continue to be violence and terrors beyond imagination. But there will be love and kindness beyond measure to temper it.

Even as the darkness happens, remember that nothing is permanent, and that there is light on the other side.



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