Digital Plants, a Possible Return to All the Social Media, and Things That Just Feel Good

I wanted to let you guys know that I have broken the 30 followers mark, and I am super appreciative. I try to make sure I return your follow. If I haven’t, please don’t be offended; I merely missed returning your follow or couldn’t return your follow, depending on the situation. Also, if that is the case, comment on this entry, and I will be sure to figure out how to return your follow. After all, if you are willing to follow all my silliness, I will sure as hell return the favor you are doing to me.

I’m considering a return to Twitter and Instagram. Honestly, I mostly go on Twitter to occasionally check what the White House resident has to amuse me on that particular day, but I may try to put some humor and inspiring shit on there. Of course, I want to adjust to working my two jobs first before I decide how much or little I want to commit to my social media presence.

Hell, maybe I’ll even try a hand at vlogging. I already have a YouTube account for this name.

I also wanted to talk about an app that I’ve been using to drink more water called Plant Nanny. It’s sort of adorable. It was free to download, although I think it has in app purchases and a few ads here and there. Basically, you log your water consumption with the idea that you achieve the goal they give you. As you drink, you water your plant, which helps it grow. Once it grows up, you plant it in your garden, where it will award you with seeds that you can use to “purchase” things like special pots, other types of plants, or backgrounds. Here’s Google Play’s link and here’s Apple’s iTunes version, you know, in case you’re interested in using it on your own. Oh, and here is the link to the actual app’s website.

Before my phone decided to die, I was up to about 6 or 7 plants, because it takes about 5-ish days for them to grow up. Oh, and you get to name them, which is fun. Currently, I have Hubert the Dandelion and am working on Luna the Cactus. Hubert was a free plant while I think it took 3 seeds to get Luna. I might know way too much about this app, but that’s ok.

Last night, I managed to fall asleep without issue and slept relatively comfortably through the night. I love when that happens because I just feel so much better the next day. That applies to everyone who does it, though. We all feel more normal when we get the kind of sleep we should be getting.

So I am now going to venture out and enjoy my day off relaxing and doing probably as little as possible. It’s highly likely I will have very few of these in the coming months, so I am going to enjoy while I can.



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