Almost Forgot!!

It is 10 p.m. here. I am tired as all fucking get out but I remembered that I didn’t write an entry. 

My dad asked me to drive him to the gas station to get cigarettes. He said he only had a couple beers. In reality, it might be over a dozen. Drinking is likely going to kill him, and that is his reality. 

We had some more storms roll through here. Nothing like the other day where parts of my small city were actually submerged in knee deep water, but there was certainly a good amount of rain. 

The meal I prepped yesterday turned out great. It wasn’t very soupy but more like a stew. Still it was delicious, and I hope to make it again, soon. Maybe with some pictures to detail it and shit like that.

Anyway, I wanted to do a quick entry to make sure I kept up my goal. I will write a bit more tomorrow. Until then,



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