Gym Talk, Weight Loss “Diets,” and Mindset

My friend joined me for leg day, today. She did pretty darn good. I mean, she can’t lift the way I do, but she powered through, even at her small weights. I don’t push her to do multiple sets because I do believe in baby steps. She can start with her one set of ten reps if that is all she’s ready to do. It’s a start.

Plus, her goal is mostly fat burn, and cardio is a big contributor to that. Of course, I did tell her how helpful weight training is, and she definitely opened her mind to it. Me? I want to be a beast, but not all women have to be like me. As long as the muscles get a little burn, she’s doing something that is helpful to her overall health. On her days off, I can always kill my body, haha.

Speaking of, I am starting to work on my ab program. I did my first set of ab exercises at the gym yesterday. My abs still hurt today, so I clearly did a great job. It’s the part of my body I’ve been neglecting, so I am really hoping to make some serious gains in this area. Ahh, look at me, talking about gains and programs and stuff like I’ve learned a thing or two about fitness! I’m going to be a grown-up yet!

Seriously, though, I am enjoying myself at the gym. Maybe I don’t lift perfectly every time or know every single component. I also have a shit ton to learn, yet, but I really like it. I am going to do my best to keep it up once I start my second job. I’ve really been working hard, and I’d hate to lose all the progress I’ve made.

My dad is irking me. He keeps referring to everything I’m doing as a “diet.” Yes, the fact that I am eating things is, simply put, a diet. But, he doesn’t mean it that way. He means it in that condescending, “Oh, you have to eat like a rabbit to lose weight.”

And the thing is, I fucking don’t. I can honestly eat cookies two-thirds of the day, and, so long as I work out regularly, I will still lose weight. I just feel a hell of a lot better when I eat things that are good for me. He will never understand that, mostly because he refuses to, so I don’t bother to explain it.

A lot of people don’t get that, or maybe they just refuse to get that. It’s the simple calories in v. calories out equation. As long as the out number is bigger than the in, you will lose weight. For the most part, it doesn’t matter what you eat in that equation, so long as the equation works in the direction of weight loss.

Of course, then you have to factor in basal metabolic rate, and things get complicated as to how easy or hard that whole process will be. Even then, though, the equation stays the same.

The difficulty of the situation is mental. We want to stay comfortable, on the easy path of life. But we also want things, and those things tend to take work. This is something I think I repeat over and over again, as a reminder to myself, and maybe others who need to hear it. Every day, you have a decision to make. Do you want to put in the work and change or do you feel ok with staying stagnant?

Your move.



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