Some Skin Falls Behind

The temperature dropped outside but inside is retaining a crapload of heat, so I am writing this outside while I am on my phone. 

I have my feet up on the outdoor table and one of my 11 pairs of sunglasses on. The air conditioning unit for my parent’s bedroom is noisy as all fuck, but I will deal with it to feel some semblance of cooler air. 

It took me until today to figure out that my phone was actually in the Motherland English and not ‘Murica English. I just thought they were being adorably British by calling the built-in flashlight app a torch app. I say that while I sit around in a total American patriotism getup. 

Remember how I said I wanted to be a rather comfortable one size smaller by midsummer? Well, I beat my goal. I am officially wearing shorts one size smaller. Of course, I am still wearing clothes in my original tight size, as well. 

Loose skin isn’t really rearing its ugly head, yet. But, there are parts, such as under my arms and inside my legs, that seem like the process may be starting. 

I know it is just loose skin and it is merely a cosmetic thing. Will it make me less attractive? Will men, as the visual creatures they are, be repulsed by the sight of it if I get to a point where I am naked in front of them? Will I be able to find a man who won’t be repulsed by that? 

I’m a huge fan of body positivity, of being comfortable with yourself and the physical form you take. Yet, it is unrealistic to never care how people perceive you. We are all going to feel at least a minor pull towards that, because even the most introverted people are still capable of being social creatures. 

That’s about all I have. Until tomorrow…



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