Minor Binge Episode and Trying Not to Fall Off the Wagon… Again

I have this thing I do. When I start missing a particular person (Yeah, that bastard), all I can do is play Led Zeppelin over and over. So, it’s been about a week, and the intermittent Zeppelin urges have been replaced with constant streaming of Led Zeppelin. They’re all I want to listen to, which means the shift in opinion has begun.

Still, I have that internal conflict going, “Are we sure we can trust him? You have so much fun and such great chemistry, but he did a number on you just a couple months ago.”

Proof that even if you get along most of the time and have fantastic chemistry, some men still refuse to submit to your awesomeness. That’s their prerogative, though, and even when you are annoyed as all hell, you have to accept their decision. Even if you spend months sort of pissed at them on and off. Totally not me… Ok, fine… it is me.

So I bet this guy is going to say tomorrow, even though it is still June 8th where I am writing this. I mean, I know I’m keeping up with the daily blogging, so go me.

What I did fail with today was my food consumption. I ate an entire large bag of cheddar and caramel popcorn. I’m pretty sure it was seven servings. Yeah, I made that one. Oops. I guess I’m going to have to not fuck that up tomorrow. I lifted weights for about an hour today, so tomorrow, maybe I will go hard on the cardio. Well, after I go get my drug test for job to help pay for the bills that the first one fails to handle.

I am getting rather lethargic about things. That’s my problem. I will do so good for a while, and then, all the motivation dissipates and I’m left going, “Yeah, fuck this,” which leads to two things:

  1. Binge eat all the food.
  2. Binge watch all the Netflix.

Last I checked, those are two habits I would really love to minimize in my life. With the direction I plan on taking my life right now, it is going to require diligence, patience, and a lot of hard work. I have to be ready to do all that.

I can suck royally at being motivated towards success, even if I want to win so bad. How do I keep from slipping this time? How do you keep from slipping into the comfortable habits that make you a miserable, stagnating person?



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