Humidity, Measurement Weirdness, Convenience, and the Path to Success

Well helloooo humidity!

Here’s the thing about living in the interior of a continent, such as North America; you get the pleasure (loosely and sarcastically used in this instance) of really warm and humid, and really cold and dry. Today fits nicely into the former category.

I’m pulling up a conversion chart, since I think a fair amount of you are Celsius people. Yeah, I know, I’m not entirely sure why we stubborn-ass Americans stick with Fahrenheit. Probably because we are stubborn-ass Americans, if I had to take a stab in the dark. I mean, we haven’t even adopted the metric system, and that shit is fucking easy compared to the system we still use.

Actually, on a side note, I remember being taught the metric system in science class. I remember going, “Jesus, this is easy. Why don’t we use this?” Meanwhile, quite a few of my fellow classmates struggled with it. That boggled my mind because it is based on tens. You are literally shifting a decimal point to convert. So there’s none of this, “Ok, there are 12 inches in one foot and three feet in one yard… and there are 5280 feet in a mile.”

I get that people aren’t always mathematically inclined. However, some of the people who struggled, they could handle converting feet to yards to miles. That was what boggled my mind. Maybe they were just complicating an amazingly simple system.

We humans do love to complicate. Just look at me and my love life.. Ha! Self-deprecating humor is so fun.

Ok, so without the heat index at 11:30 A.M., we are looking at 81 degrees F, which is about 27 degrees C for the rest of you (27.2 if we want to get to the tenth of a degree). With the heat index, it’s 87 F, or 30 C (30.6, rounded up to the nearest tenth). So, for late morning in early June, that’s really warm.

We don’t have air conditioning in our house. People tend to look at me like I live in some backwards part of society, because, you know, everything has air conditioning these days. It’s not the easiest, when you live in a society surrounded by comforts, but you do adjust. You use fans, wash your hair with cool water (which is actually pretty good for hair), maybe sneak to the fridge and stick a couple ice cubes down your shirt… not that I’ve done it… Ok, I just haven’t done it yet today.

That’s the thing about humans. We may be lazy, but we can also be immensely adaptable. Our bodies are made to adjust to changes. It’s hard on us when we are young, old, or sick, but in the middle, we are made to change as our environment does. That’s the cool thing about being human.

Laziness isn’t necessarily bad. I think it is the reason we advanced so much. We are always interested in the ways we can make our lives easier. However, we apply it to everything, and not everything in life is meant to be easy or instant. That part, I don’t think, is human nature; that part, I think, is a consequence of advanced society, which continually rewards convenience, or finding the easiest path.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting things to be easy; the problem lies in the application. It’s great to make our basic needs met with ease. However, there is still PLENTY of stuff that requires hard work to achieve it.

And hell, sometimes, even with hard work, you aren’t going to get it. Expectation of success doesn’t guarantee success, either. That’s when you get to the real question… Does failure have to be the minute you quit? It depends on how bad you want it.

So how bad do you want to succeed at <insert goal here>? Do you want it bad enough to realize that it may not come easy? That you may fail a few times on the way to success?

That’s the things you need to focus on, because if you want it bad enough, you won’t even let yourself get in the way for long. Give that a thought, and I will be back tomorrow.


P.S.- I am over 70 entries deep in this thing, now. Thank you for continuing to read along my way. You guys truly keep me going, even when I’m not always focused.

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