Dashboard Lights Going On and Hoping I Will Continue to Make It Home

The “Check Engine” light came on in my car yesterday. I’m super paranoid, because, even though nothing seems to be running weird, I know I don’t have funds to pull from to pay for it if it is a costly repair. You know, it’s one of those moments where you sort of wish you lived in a society that took public transportation more seriously. Granted, I live far enough removed from towns that I don’t think it would be realistic to have public transportation out here.

All in all, if my car repairs are more than $500, which is honestly likely, then I do not have the funds to pay for them. So yeah, I have to figure something out because there has to be some way I can make up that difference so I can get my car repaired within the next month. I don’t think I can handle driving around with that light on for too long. You know, while keeping up with my bills, and still being able to eat and such.

I am getting smarter with some purchases. For instance, I am really understanding price comparisons. An example would be that Wal-Mart actually has chicken cheapest in my area per pound. I also am watching for reduced price bread, meat, and other essentials. Also, ignoring the middle of the store drives my spending down. If it weren’t for the fact that I have to get the giant thing of toilet paper (because I live with 5 other adults), I would have spent approximately $50 on food this week, which is exactly where I want to be per week.

Plus, I am not having to throw out as much food. I’m actually eating all the crap I buy. That is definitely a huge plus, because throwing out food is throwing out money, and well, that’s not what I want to be doing. Yay for me seeing the positives of this past month!

My mom did admit that they needed to be buying more water, since my dad keeps using the drinking water I purchase to make his coffee. That will help drive down my costs in the next month, and allow me to apply them to things like my vehicle.

Oh, and did you know that that stupid light is actually called a “Malfunction Indicator Light”? That is a mouthful. Maybe that’s why most people still call it a “Check Engine” light. Of course, since it applies to things other than the engine, maybe that’s why it is a Malfunction Indicator Light.

For the record, I did check the gas cap. It is screwed on tight enough that it clicked. That was the first thing I checked, because my stupid ass has nearly paid like $90 for that before. You never know how stupid you can feel until you bring in your car to have the mechanic screw the cap on for you. Luckily, the mechanic was a nice guy who went, “I’m not going to charge for this.” I was a 19-year-old college student at the time, so I did appreciate that.

Seriously, public transportation everywhere would solve so many of my problems. I don’t even care how expensive it would be to implement, or how much of my tax dollars would go there. It would be a little easier to handle than having to throw thousands of dollars at my car only for it to be worthless by the time I replace it.

But that’s a pipe dream here in the U.S. We don’t even have a president who wants to invest in climate change because “the science is debatable.” Because over 90% of scientists agreeing on something isn’t a big deal or anything. Oh and something about Chinese conspiracy.

It would all be hilarious if it wasn’t also a bit terrifying.

Even as shit like this happens, I keep reminding myself that I merely need to take a breath and figure out the next step. For instance, I transferred $28 into my bank account. That’s $28 closer to being able to fix my car. I will figure out how to get there. It might be tough and will likely require penny pinching tactics. But I will get there.

Wish me luck.




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