Kindness and How Shitty People Make Me Keep On the Route to Being a Good Woman

It makes me angry when someone attacks another person for not knowing something.

Let me explain the story. At work, a coworker of mine came in, completely unaware that she was scheduled to do a specific area. So she went to the person in charge, and, rather than helping her, he berated her for not knowing what to do. She had honestly never been in that situation before, which meant, for her, this was something new. But, rather than giving her the benefit of the doubt, he went at her for not knowing better.

This is what frustrates me. Help people. Don’t be an asshole. Not fucking hard. Jesus. Yeah, maybe it’s irritating to “repeat” yourself, but people don’t learn at the same rate… So maybe try to not be so self-involved that “repeating” yourself is such a problem. It’s really not, and it isn’t “wasting your time.” After all, imagine how much worse it would be if, because you didn’t want to repeat yourself, the person ended up doing things wrong. You’ve now created more work for yourself simply by being unwilling to take a minute or two to repeat yourself.

However, if you have to repeat yourself on a very regular basis, then I can understand being frustrated. That’s when it goes from being something that is merely unclear to something that isn’t being understood. At that point, it is fully justified to be a dick about things.

The thing that made it worse was when a supervisor a level above him started to join him in bashing this person. I actually started loudly telling another employee how rude and unprofessional that whole exchange was. I didn’t care if they started making fun of me or not. It was cruel and wrong. Not to mention they both had zero issues eating the homemade cookies brought in by this same woman they were just bashing.

I think it is a good thing that I cannot understand this. I love this woman dearly. She is a great friend, and she is a good person. Yes, she has her issues… like being super-high-strung. But she is so caring and such a decent human being. She does not deserve to be treated so poorly by such negative, self-loathing humans.

Kindness is important to me these days. I mean, I put a dollar in to the work lottery pool for someone who probably didn’t deserve my kindness (my ex-friend). I did it anyway, because, even though he likely will never return that kindness (as he is also the person from my story in the beginning), it doesn’t mean that I am going to be an asshole. Maybe that makes me a better person than him, at least in that regard.

These are the things that make me realize I am doing ok. That maybe being kind leads me to get hurt a lot. But I don’t think I want to stop. There’s enough ugliness in this world. I don’t need to be part of it or associate with it. Will I slip up? Of course. I’m not perfect; however, I refuse to let my imperfections be an excuse for me to do anything other than be kind.


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