Saturdays Off. Glue on the Toes. Protein Powder Things.

It is gorgeous outside today, but since I tend to get sunburn in what feels like 25 seconds, I am enjoying the weather in our screened porch. My mother is working on the vegetable garden, which she usually likes done before the end of May, but our weather has certainly been weird so the opportunity hasn’t presented itself.

Currently, I am trying the trick where you use non-toxic glue to surround your nails when you paint them. I was told it works, so I am going to test it. Since pretty much every person who went through the American education system seems to have Elmer’s glue, that is what I am using. We will see if it works for me.

Later Edit: I’m guessing I need to lay it on thicker, because I was able to peel the glue around it. However, it scraped off easily with just my fingernail. Therefore, this is a hack with immense potential.

My weight keeps increasing, but I don’t think I look like I am gaining weight. I can’t figure out if it’s an increase in water consumption, if I’m not doing my macros tracking right, if I’m gaining that much muscle, or if it’s something that is more troubling.

I’m not too concerned for the sake that water retention is normal when I come to certain times of the month. Since this happens to be that glorious time, I am guessing that it might just be that. I’ve been known to have my weight increase nearly 10 pounds and to drop 5 by the time my hormonal balance decides to shift again.

So yeah, it’s discouraging, but I’m trying not to let that get to me. I’ll figure this out in one way or another.

I also wanted to mention a new brand I’m trying. It’s called FlapJacked, and they’re a Colorado-based company that basically created protein-boosted baked goods. For instance, pancake mix, which pancakes and waffles are probably two of the best breakfast foods on the planet. Seriously, they are the best to me.

I’ve tried making my own protein powder baked goods, but I really don’t know how to do it without being a colossal failure. At least, thus far, I am typically a colossal failure when it comes to using protein powder to make baked goods. So discovering a brand that takes out the guesswork for me is a huge plus.

Anyway, I hopped onto Amazon the other day and bought a variety pack of their Mighty Muffins. These are basically the convenience cousin of a mug muffin; all you do is add about 1/4 cup of cold water, pop it in the microwave for a few moments (I forget how long already), and boom! You got yourself 20 grams of protein packed into a delicious muffin.

Seriously, I am impressed with their stuff so far, and I cannot wait to try more. This is their site if you want to check them out. I do not know if they ship internationally or not (since I know some of my readers are not stateside, like myself), but ugh, I’m in love with these motherfuckers.

Of course, as I try other things, I will be sure to let you know if my love affair changes course. I’d like to stay as honest as possible about shit like this. That might be the good thing about being too poor to host my own WordPress. I can’t make money off of saying, “Oh my God, I love this” and have people question the sincerity of my statement.

For the record, fuck people who question your sincerity. If you know you’re being sincere, then maybe they have their own problems that make them willing to so easily question yours.

This is a lesson I’m learning with myself right now. I’m a sincere person, and I am always willing to change my stance on things. People equate a willingness to change your stance as being insincere, which is bull shit. It means that I am willing to not assume I know everything on the god damn planet. If I knew everything, there would be no fucking point to life, because I couldn’t possibly gain any value from that.

With that, my sassy red toenails and I are going to try to enjoy more of this day before the weather turns to shit, again.




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