All 4 A.M. Shift Starts and No Sleeping In Makes Kelsey a Tired Girl

Yeah, I don’t know if I mentioned being tired yesterday… but I’m really tired today. I even tried a cup of coffee after work. Still exhausted. It’s likely that I just need the sleep, but since I have to work at 4:30 A.M. tomorrow, I know it would be a bad idea to nap and end up being up all night, when I’d want to sleep the most.

The good news? I shut the door and put my feet up, which feels fucking heavenly. My legs are aching more than usual, so I’m trying to give them some love. It feels like they appreciate it. I also noticed I have varicose veins on my thighs, and while I’ve been told losing weight will really help reduce their appearance, I’m sure any bit I can do to help them will be good for me in the long run.

I told this girl at work that I downloaded Plant Nanny, which was an app she told me about. Basically, you grow a digital plant by drinking to your water goal. When I told her my goal was 129 oz. of water, she went, “Oh my God, mine is 91!” I think she was surprised I had to do that much more than her.

Actually, a lot of people are surprised that I weigh over 200 pounds when I tell them. I don’t know if that’s a good or a bad thing. It’s probably good that I “carry my weight” well or whatever… but then I wonder if I have a lot of that really bad fat that they say causes serious health problems (I think the name is subcutaneous fat, but I’m sort of feeling too tired and lazy to actually verify it). I’m going to hope that I am either currently fixing that problem, or I merely carry the weight well.

I’m kind of curious what “skinny Kelsey” might look like. I mean, I don’t want to necessarily be super skinny, but because I haven’t been skinny since childhood, I have no idea what my adult body would look like without all this excess fat. Is it weird that it also sort of scares me? It shouldn’t be, because it will be so amazingly good for me, no matter what my body looks like.

Seriously, having my feet propped up like this feels incredible. I need to do this more often. Maybe that will be a new element I add to my blogging time. You know, working on my leg health while I work on my mental health by writing about life and stuff. While drinking water. It’ll be a fucking health fest.

Holy cow! I think I finally see sunshine, today! It’s been raining here for what feels like days. Yesterday, the sun came out while I was at work, but when I left at noon, it was a cloudy, yucky mess of a day. That might be making me even more tired, because cloudy, yucky days really just make me want to sleep. You know, because getting up essentially in the middle of the night isn’t doing it… ha ha!

My stomach is crying out for cheese and crackers time. This is the highlight of living less than an hour’s drive from Wisconsin. Cheese in all its Midwestern, Americanized glory.

Enjoy yourselves. I know I will for at least the next few minutes, 🙂



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