Beautiful Tech Support Voices and Goal Crushing

I motherfucking did it. When I weighed in this morning… 209. Even. No point whatever. 209. I lost 16 pounds in a month. I lost 8% of my starting body weight. In one month.

I know that’s not what every month will look like. I’ve been this far down the road before. In 2011 or 2012, can’t remember which, I made it down to 202 before I stopped. Honestly, I don’t even remember why I stopped. Most likely something discouraged me.

The excellent thing about this is I didn’t obsessively count calories. I ate food that was good for me, for the most part. Sure, my sister was bringing home cake from her baking classes, but I wasn’t doing my normal, “Oh, I took 13,000 steps, so I burned enough for that second piece.”

Instead, I took one and left it at that. You know, what you’re supposed to do. Treat yourself without getting greedy. Some people call it “willpower” or some shit like that. I call it something I really suck at having. Maybe I’m getting better at it, though. Fingers crossed I’m getting my shit figured out, at least.

I had to call what is basically the IT department at work today. Normally, I don’t remember their names, but today’s I did. His name was Nicholas, and holy lord almighty, did he have a gorgeous voice. I’m such a sucker for a clear speaking voice, probably because I associate it with a well-educated man, and I’m a huge sucker for smart men (By the way, it’s not a reliable method. Even smart men can be dumbasses. Dumbassery doesn’t discriminate based on the ability to speak clear, concise sentences). He had to help me reset a page to get reports. It didn’t work, and I got the fortune of getting him when I called back the second time.

Of course, he was also super helpful. He actually explained to me what was going on and advised me on how to proceed… but it wasn’t in that snobby, “I am a tech god, peasant! Heed my words!” Nope, he was genuinely all awesome about it. Sure, he really couldn’t help me with my immediate problem, but he was immensely helpful. Also, I could literally listen to his voice all day… but that was just a bonus.

Either that, or his voice sounded good because woman likes men, hormones make woman more susceptible to man voice, biology makes woman crazy… blah, blah, blah. I’d like to ignore that part if that’s cool with everyone… If not, I’ll just unilaterally decide it’s cool and continue on with my blog anyway. Because, I do what I want, damnit.

I’ve started thinking about what I want out of the next man in my life. I want someone who was sweet without being overbearing… like my last boyfriend. Mix that with my former friend’s sense of humor and ability to poke fun at himself. Add the intelligence of the friend that lives in Florida, because his intellect is something I would love to have in a potential future Mr. Kelseytell, ha ha.

That’s what I’ve learned. Take lessons from the people in your life, no matter the outcome. There is something that made them worth your time. Figure out what it was and apply that knowledge to the next person. The world is complicated; that’s why we were made to think.

Find your lessons, not your defeats,



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