No More Scalloped Thigh Rolls and Yes, I Do Love Tacos

Today’s entry is going to be heavily focused on weight, so if you aren’t really interested in the weight loss aspect of my life, I will not be offended if you do not read past this point.

I’m actually getting nervous about my first major weigh-in tomorrow. I mean, I’m the only one that is really going to see the number, but I keep thinking about it. What if I haven’t lost as much weight as I think? Should it matter if that number isn’t as low as I want it to be?

Logically, I know the answer is “no” because I already have ways of seeing the progress. When I went to dinner with my friend the other day, I wore this pair of maroon skinny jeans. The last time I wore them, I remembered noticing that whenever I sat down, my thighs sort of had that “scalloped” look. It was literal rolls of fat, and I worried that people saw how “gross” I looked in these pants every time I wore them.

That was not how they looked when I went to dinner with my friend. I remembered pulling them on and thinking how amazing it was that they just slid over my calves like nothing. Normally, they get stuck, so I was already feeling a bit of excitement. Then, I pulled them up, buttoned them, and sat down to assess the “worst angle.” My thighs were one seamless line. No scalloped lines of fat rolls. I looked in the mirror and went, “Oh, is this how skinny jeans are actually supposed to fit?!”

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned how long I’ve been overweight on here, yet, but I started gaining weight during the summer break between fourth and fifth grade. It only went up from there. By the time I started high school, I was approximately 175 pounds. By the time I started college, I was in the neighborhood of 200-210. This time last year, I was 229.6 pounds. My weigh-in on March 26 put me at 225.4.

I know there are a lot of numbers I can be proud of from this month, even if the scale disappoints me:

295,023- The current number of steps I’ve taken this month. I have two more days to reach my step goal of 300,000. I’m pretty sure I can manage another 5,000 steps in the next two days.

21,735- The highest number of steps I took in a single day this month. That is the largest single day total I have compiled since I first purchased a Fitbit a little over two years ago.

16- The number of times I’ve checked in to my gym since I bought my gym membership. Tomorrow will likely be number 17.

150- The maximum weight I can currently lift on the leg press machine.

95- The maximum weight I can lift on a chest press.

45- Number of seconds I can hold a modified plank before I have to give up. A month ago, that was 15 seconds.

When you get caught up in your weight, you forget that so many other things can show how you’ve improved your health. All of these numbers are very good numbers for me. They mean that I am on the right track, and I think they will be the things I need to focus on if my weight disappoints me tomorrow.

I am doing good things. I can’t let a potentially disappointing number dissuade me from that.

In fantastic news… I get to eat tacos again, tonight! This time, it is a new Mexican restaurant that I have seriously high hopes for. I’m confident it won’t disappoint for two reasons:

  1. The menu has tripe.
  2. The menu also has beef tongue as a meat option.

I’ve found that if a Mexican restaurant, in the States, has a menu with those two items, you are going to be happy with the cuisine they provide. One of these days, I may finally try beef tongue. I’m not afraid of a little culinary adventure. After all, you can’t know what you might love or hate until you try it.

Time to get back to my day. Enjoy yours, wherever you are.



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