Tacos for Breakfast and More Discussion on the Current of Change

I had a thought this morning as I was drinking my coffee and eating my leftover brisket taco from dinner last night. Yes, according to me, tacos can totally be a breakfast food. Also, beef brisket is totally a breakfast food.

Actually, I’ll be honest. I consider pretty much anything I’m willing to eat a breakfast food. I’d probably have a fucking cheeseburger for breakfast like the typical pudgy American that I am. Yeah, there’s that self-deprecating humor I seem to have in abundance.

The thought was about change. Are some people incapable of change? My answer is no, because I believe it isn’t about capability; it’s about willingness.

So why do some people seem to change but others stay the same? The people who change realize that their internal environment is in the “things you can control” category.

What do I mean by “internal environment?” It’s your attitude and mindset. I think I’ve touched on this concept before when I’ve talked about how you always have a choice. I refer to people as Play-Doh if I remember correctly. This is the exact same concept but in a different analogy. Change is choice; choice is change.

I always like to think of life as a series of decisions. Every time you make a decision, you change your path in life. That’s why even the jackasses who think they never change actually do have some element of dynamism to their lives. They are making a decision by continuing on their “same path.”

Hell, even non-decision is a decision. You are choosing not to act.

Every decision you do or don’t make is making you a different person from the day before. When I finally started grasping this concept, I started putting power back into my own hands. I cannot control the people outside of me; however, I can take my own advice that I give them and realize that every day, I can make choices that help change me little by little.

Sometimes, I also wonder if people feel obligated by life circumstances. For instance, if their dad was a drunken asshole who made their life an absolute hell, then they might believe that they are beyond repair (Yes, I really know a person like this). Sure, this will shape a person, and it really fucking blows. It is understandable to be broken in a situation like this.

However, even this person does not have to be the expected product of the conditions. This is how people who grow up in abusive households get beyond it and don’t become abusers themselves. Is it hard to do? Fuck yes. Is it worth all that work? Fuck yes.

Your external environment can shape you any way you want. So decide how you want to be shaped. If you don’t get it right, or if something pushes you in a different direction, go with it. Regroup, try again. Fuck, try something different. Either way, you’re a dynamic creature. Better to work with the current of change than to be battered by the attempt to work against it.

So what’s it going to be? Change as a result of resisting change or change as a result of embracing it like an old friend?

Have fun making choices today,



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