“Public” Showering and YouTube Tingles

I was supposed to have a day off tomorrow, which was honestly what was getting me through the week. Today, one of the managers asked if I could come in, because she knew I had a lot of short shifts this week. I said yes, because…

  1. I have student loans and unfortunately, they want me to pay them back… bastards, ha ha!
  2. I secretly enjoy making myself go, “Kelsey, you are such a fucking fucker.”

It will be fine… I can survive two more days in a row… I think. Plus, I think this means I can afford the Jason Aldean concert, after all. Yay for maybe actually having some fucking fun for a change!

Once again, I managed to kick ass at work, today. Lately, I can get so much shit done. Maybe it’s because I stopped giving a fuck about making people look bad by doing more than them. Also, since I don’t stop and talk too much, I suddenly have time to be really fucking productive. Take that, you gossiping bitches! For the record, not everyone is a gossipy bitch, just some of them.

I’m trying to make myself step out of my comfort zone. Today, I stepped out by showering at the gym. Once I got over the idea that I was “naked in public,” I actually enjoyed the shower. I usually shower in well water, so I forgot that city water tends to be gentler on the skin. Of course, I did wear my flip flops in the shower; I may be stepping out of my comfort zone, but I don’t want to be getting any weird foot diseases as a result.

Total change of subject, but I’ve wondered if he misses me at all. I wonder if once in a while, he looks down at his phone and thinks about the silly observations I would send him via text. Or if he hears me laughing and starts thinking about the times he made me laugh. Deep down, I think all of us want the people who leave us to miss us… even if it’s only for a moment. We want to know we mattered to the person.

The only other thing I really want to talk about tonight is sleep techniques. Currently, I am in the market for headphones that I can wear while sleeping. My schedule requires that I wake up and go to bed earlier than the rest of my family. Since there are six of us living here, it is hardly ever quiet. So, if I want to sleep, I’ve learned that I need to sleep with headphones in.

Additionally, I’ve learned that YouTube is such a valuable resource for relaxing videos. As a result, I am really fond of ASMR videos. This is the Wikipedia explanation of ASMR, in case you haven’t heard of it. My basic explanation is that it is a method of relaxation where sounds cause a really enjoyable tingling sensation.

Interestingly, I once read that some people will never experience ASMR. I wish I could remember where, and I have no idea if that’s true. All I can say is I’m really fucking glad I am not one of those people, because it is such a wonderful tool for me when it comes to sleep and relaxation.

Now, if you’ll excuse me… I am going to get some pre-bedtime tingles to ease the burden of torture that is coming for me.

Wishing you all my ASMR level of relaxation,



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