Baby Beast Mode and Motivating Others

Hello ten followers! I’m happy to know that quite a few of you are finding things that you like in my blog. Also, I’ve seen that a few of you continue liking my posts, so the fact that you keep coming back is so wonderful. Thank you. Seriously, you’re fucking lovely people.

A friend of mine invited me to a Jason Aldean concert in mid-May. I have a not so secret love of country music. The ex-friend really got me into country, so I guess I can thank him for that, too. Even though part of me still wants to hate him, I know a lot of good things came from our friendship.

It’s healthy to focus on the good that came from a relationship. He used to tell me that every time he tried to “break up” with me. I’d tell him those were the same reasons not to give up. Sometimes, you just can’t get someone to realize when they are doing something stupid. You just have to let them be a fucking idiot on their own and regret it later.

I’ve realized that’s hard for me. I want to help, to make people better. Friends, lovers, family members, everyone I can possibly touch in a positive way. While I know some people are beyond fixing, it doesn’t mean I don’t want to make the effort to be some sort of positive motivator in their lives. Everyone deserves at least a few moments of happiness, and to understand that we are architects of that happiness.

This isn’t forcing someone. You can offer options without force. You can say, “Dude, there is a better way to live” without shoving it down their throats. Ultimately, the choice will always be theirs, and you have to respect that. Some people are too stubborn to recognize that force and suggestion are separate, and you will only make yourself crazy trying to rationalize the concept with them.

Anyway, back to the Jason Aldean concert. It is $50 for lawn seats. Yeah, the crappy seats where you are so ridiculously far away that you can’t really tell what’s going on. Sure, that kind of thing is fun, because it’s sort of like an outdoor party with music. I just don’t know that I can justify spending $50 on that experience. Essentially, I have to work about 6 1/2 to 7 hours to pay for this concert, and I am already struggling to live from paycheck to paycheck.

On the other hand, I am tired of having to say no because I cannot afford things. I want to enjoy life and not have to keep letting things pass me by because I don’t have the funds. It’s lonely to be frugal out of necessity, and I deserve to enjoy my life at least once in a while. Opportunities to be young and have fun are only going to become fewer and further between. We’ll see what I decide.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but I actually use Swagbucks. At this point, I’ve been part of it for close to a year. This month, I may earn close to $40, which isn’t me rolling in the dough, but it does give me a little extra grocery money. It also funds my Starbucks habit just enough that I don’t pay out of pocket for it, anymore. So yeah, I’m not going to get rich off this, unfortunately, but it doesn’t hurt my financial situation to do it.

This is my referral link, if you feel inclined to check it out. Like I said, definitely not a get rich quick scheme (honestly, you aren’t getting fucking rich at all from it, ha ha!), and I find that it is getting increasingly difficult to earn good money on it. But, it allows me to make a few pennies while I write my blog posts, so I can’t complain about the fact that I put very little effort into it.

Oh, in exciting news… I tried the leg press today at the gym. I had to pin the weights at 85 and there’s a spinner that adds increments of five pounds, since each weight is about 15 pounds. I pressed 95, and honestly, my max was probably closer to 105 if I really wanted to push my limit. However, I started the machine at 55 pounds, so having to add another 40 to that was very awesome. Sure, I’m not some muscly fucking beast, but I guess I’m not that pathetically weak.

Yeah, I hope that didn’t sound incoherent and rambly. I’m still trying to understand this whole strength-training thing. I want to challenge my muscles to make them better, but I don’t want to hurt myself with overconfidence. I’m fully fucking aware that I can injure myself, and I would like to make sure that I don’t do that. I have a lot of work to do to get the body I want. Sidelining myself with an injury would be so counterproductive to the cause, you know?

That’s about all I have for today. Tomorrow is Thursday, which is my busy day, so I guess I made this long to offset that.

Enjoy the rest of your day my lovely people,



4 thoughts on “Baby Beast Mode and Motivating Others

  1. How was he breaking up with you as a friend? I only ask cause I’m in a similar situation with a guy who used to have romantic feelings for me. Now he keeps trying to force a friendship and I keep telling him I need space. He takes it as I want him out of my life forever, what I’m actually saying is no, I don’t want to hurt you but every time you talk to me it hurts me because I still have feelings.


    1. First, I am going to tackle your situation and say that you are absolutely right to want your space. Men, at least in my experience, have an emotional on/off switch. They can flip the switch and be done. As women, we’re more like dials; emotionally, we need to be turned down before we’re turned off. We deal with emotions in such a different way, and that’s what makes relationships so hard. I even understand this concept and manage to fuck up my own, ha ha!
      Speaking of, the reason I call it a breakup is because I feel that any type of relationship can result in a breakup. If he was a female friend, I would still say our breakup. Any time you have a closeness to someone, a piece of you breaks when they completely cut the cord.
      Here are questions I think you should consider:
      1. If he gives you your space, do you think you can accept a friendship with him?
      2. Can you handle the fact that once in a while, your feelings may try to take control?
      3. Will you be able to keep the feelings at bay if they do try to take control?
      4. If a friends with benefits scenario comes up, are you capable of handling that, or will you make sure that it won’t happen?
      You do not need to reply to this comment with your answers, but once you get your much needed space, you need to really think about what you’re asking yourself to do. My problem was I worried about him, when I should’ve worried about me. Be selfish here, because as the one that still has feelings, you have more to gamble.
      Good luck!

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