Just Call Me the Queen of Motivated Mondays

The nice thing about working three doors down from your gym is that you have no excuse not to go after work. Basically, I left work, did some light cardio, and put a lot of effort into the arms and upper back today. I can feel it in my back, today… which is great, because my back muscles are pretty fucking weak, so they can really use the attention. Sure, they are sore as fuck right now, but I’m sure I’ll love it in the long run.

I kicked butt on something at work today. There were supposed to be two of us working on this project where we scan for markdowns. The girl didn’t show, although she called and never mentioned that she was sorry for not coming in… I may never understand some humans. Typically, they expect us to scan about 85% of the items for this particular project. I made it to 91% in about 3 hours. Needless to say, I achieved what they needed from me in a lot less time. Now, if I could only get paid for doing the work of two people…

Of course, the project I was working on lacks opportunity for movement. When I left work, I was maybe nearing 4,000 steps. Typically, in a four hour shift, I can almost double that. Retail is definitely good for getting your ass moving. The gym managed to get me another 3,000, so I was worried I would be shy of exceeding 10,000 steps again.

However, it is another gorgeous day here in northern Illinois, so I decided that I would walk to the four-way intersection at the end of my street. I added another five blocks to my walk and turned a short walk into another 2,500 steps, which put me up to 9,500. All I did was walk for 15 fucking beautiful, sunshiny minutes, and I managed to scoop up 25 percent of my walking goal.

Also, because I’m a pasty motherfucker, I absorbed a good amount of Vitamin D in the process of burning calories. I’d call all of that a win for me.

I keep wanting to weigh myself, but I want to wait until April 29th. That’s exactly 30 days from when I started going to the gym. I’m not expecting huge losses, but I think it will be interesting to see what happens after a month of exercising.

I’ve bought clothes that are a size smaller than my current ones. I’m hoping that they will fit like a dream by the time summer rolls around, or even before summer ends. Currently, I am a comfortable U.S. size 16, and I started at a comfortable/slightly tight U.S. 18.

While I admit I started this off with an “I’ll show him” attitude… I am super glad I am doing this. It’s molding into a “me” thing. Each workout makes me feel a little stronger, a little healthier, and a little happier. I can feel the confidence it is giving me, and I am so grateful for that.

In some fucked-up sort of way, the fact that he pushed me away might’ve been the best thing he ever did for me. I really might have to thank that asshole one day.

Now, off to get those last 500 steps and maybe chip away at the deficit for the month.

Stay healthy,



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