Numbers Don’t Lie but They Can Be Manipulated in Your Favor

It’s Easter Sunday, so Happy Easter to those of you who partake in the religious holiday. Also, Happy Easter to those of you who appreciate it in a non-religious fashion, as well. I like to acknowledge both.

Currently, I am enjoying the quiet. Nobody is really awake. Most of my family likes to sleep in on the weekend. My mom and I are the larks of the family, and typically, we are both up at a single digit hour in the morning. I did sleep in, but for me, that was a quarter to 8.

As someone who used to be able to sleep in past 10 or 11 a.m., I have to admit, I actually prefer waking up early. I feel like I am a person who is simply more productive in the mornings than at night. I’d rather get my entire day in before 6 p.m. Learning that fact about myself has been immensely helpful, because I think that once you understand your “motivation cycle,” so to speak, you figure out how to get shit accomplished. Getting up early is when I do best.

Productivity has been an interest of mine these days, as a part of my whole “ditch the pessimistic asshole” process. I’m deeply intrigued by the idea that you can fucking get shit done, and it isn’t just that simple, “Fucking focus jackass” approach. Sure, focus is an important step, but I think productivity is multi-faceted. For instance, I think motivation can offset an inability to focus. If you really want abs of steel, but you can’t focus on your ab program, motivation can give you a kick in the ass to go, “Yeah, ignoring my program isn’t going to get me my dream abs.”

Personally, I was struggling to find the focus that I needed to write this, today. I knew life has been uneventful, and that negative “nobody gives a shit” voice kept trying to stop me. Then, I remembered my goals, and why I am doing this. If I don’t want to be that self-loathing, negative asshole, then it’s important that I write about shit. Writing is an important destressing and processing tool for me, so the more I write, the better I feel.

That was my kick in the ass to get on here and write today. Now, I’m super glad I did, because here I am, nearly 400 words in, and I feel so much better because I actually got my ass in here to write this. So, I let my goals motivate me, which lead me to focus on writing this entry, and now, I’m getting something done. When I get things done, it makes me realize, “Hey, getting shit done feels awesome. I should do more of it.” And that is how I personally become more productive. Honestly, that probably works for a lot of people.

I’ve also realized how important mindset is to achieving goals. I have a Fitbit Charge 2; before this, I had the Charge HR. Sometimes, I don’t move a lot, so reaching my 10,000 steps a day is a real challenge. Then, because I failed one day, I get super discouraged, set the whole “healthy me” concept on fire, and watch my hopes and dreams diminish to a pile of ash and indistinguishable charred remains.

This month, I changed the approach. Instead of looking at my daily totals, I look at the month of April as a whole. Today, I am at approximately 140,000 steps for the month… while I should be at 160,000 by the end of the day, that doesn’t discourage me… because it really means that I have 2 weeks to make up a deficit that may be between 10,000 and 20,000 steps. I neglected to get 9,000 steps today is much more discouraging than, “Ok, I just need to get 15,000 steps by April 30th to get my even 300,000 for the month.”

Mathematically speaking, I understand that 300,000 steps over 30 days is the same as 10,000 steps per day for 30 days. However, the range gives me wiggle room. Now, it is forgivable to only have 4,000 steps one day, because maybe I’ll manage to reach 13,000 steps in the following two days. I’ve given myself the freedom to realize that there is more than one way to achieve my goal.

Damn, that shit actually sounds really positive and motivating. There’s hope for me, yet!

Here’s to getting shit done,



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