Yesterday was the 4 year anniversary of when we adopted our puppies. I didn’t get pictures because I was at work when they came home. Today, however, is the 4 year anniversary of when I got my first pictures of the little brats that I’ve come to absolutely adore.

This was the very first picture I took of them:


And here they are, taking over my bed in an L formation.


Sometimes, you forget how quickly things change in a matter of 4 years. When I think of my life at the time of their first picture, I realize how different I’ve become. People tend to think they’re creatures of habit, that change isn’t something that really changes their lives. Then, you see this, your “puppies” aren’t actually technically puppies anymore, and you realize that life is fluid. Life isn’t a fixed point moving through a fixed path. It is floating, sinking, going through space aimlessly like that feather in Forrest Gump.

We aren’t creatures of habit; we are Play-Doh, constantly being molded and altered by our environment. Sometimes, we make changes ourselves, and other times, something outside of us impacts us so much that we permanently change course because of it.

This is not to say that we aren’t in control. External forces are always coming at us, but our reactions can help mold our own shape. We are the main artist of our own Play-Doh sculpture, and that is the part we need to focus on the most.

I shut down the dating profile. I’ve realized I need to be single, and that’s ok. Sometimes you have to put certain dreams on hold while you fix the cluster-fuck that is your life. I don’t want to offer a man an empty, battered woman who cannot be happy with herself, who doesn’t have a clue what she wants. I’m better than where I am now, and I need to bring myself to the point I deserve to be at in life. You know, be my own fucking cheerleader and shit like that.

Today is a gym recovery day. Basically, I work later today, and early tomorrow, so the shitty fucking timing of my shifts meant that I had to consider today my day off. I’m sort of having to prep today and tomorrow at once, to maximize my time.

However, I do get off work nice and early tomorrow, so I will have plenty of time to enjoy a nice, basically summery day. It’ll be warm (somewhere in the 70’s Fahrenheit… I forget what that is in Celsius, and I don’t really feel like pulling up a converter because I’m a lazy American today), sunny, and a perfect day to go for a walk outside. I love outdoor workouts in the nice weather.

I’m not a fan of working in the afternoon. I feel like I have to sit around waiting for work. Right now, I’m already dressed, but I don’t want to do anything that might get me dirty, since my job is a business casual environment, and well, that means I should at least look like I make an effort not to be a damn slob.

I keep debating putting on makeup today. When I do my makeup right, I look decent. I mean, I don’t have the kind of complexion that looks horrible bare. In fact, I hardly ever wear makeup because my face really isn’t horrible looking without it. Of course, when I really want to feel pretty, I will do it, and today, I feel like I need that kind of boost.

That’s about all I have, for the sheer fact that I need to start getting myself ready for essentially two days worth of work.

Have a totally not shitty day WordPress people,



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