Burning Tunnels and Clint Eastwood Voices

Today, a nice older gentleman with a cane helped me figure out why the heck the leg extension machine wasn’t going farther forward for me. I’m about 5’4″ and I have ridiculously short legs. It doesn’t necessarily appear that way, but my legs are essentially less than half my height. So, here I am, trying to pull the back rest forward a bit more, and it isn’t budging. Older gentleman comes over, and in his super soft-spoken, Clint Eastwood-esque voice, tells me it should pull forward with the lever.

Both of together could not get that sucker to budge. So, he smiles and says, “Go to the one next to it because this one is clearly not working.” I thanked him, and tried very hard not to say, “Mr. Eastwood” after it. It seems like older people, especially men, are kinder and more helpful.

Older men make me smile. They flirt, but for the most part, they have been harmless in my experience. They just want to be nice to a “pretty girl.” No matter how much of a feminist I am, and how much I think a woman should always rely on more than just her looks to get through life (same for men, for the record), I’m a sucker for an old man telling me I’m pretty. It just doesn’t come out as much as I’d like.

Of course, I get it. I think some men are scared to pay compliments because, well, women are scared. Under the surface, we do wonder if you are paying us a compliment, or if you are going to throw us in your trunk and bury us in your preferred forest preserve about 100 miles from where you’ve abducted us. Does that happen often? Statistically, no, but I think in the back of our minds, we always worry about the odds. Survival instinct is a tricky thing in a modern world, and, in some cases, that guard we put up might save our lives.

Also, some women, I think, don’t want to hear that they’re just pretty. We want to be worth more than that. Of course, some stranger is likely not going to know that you’re a fucking genius (For instance, my highest IQ test registered at a 164, which apparently is really fucking good), but they are going to notice that they see a pretty face. Plus, it sure as hell beats a dick pic as the first impression.

I saw this on Facebook today, and I loved it, so I decided to link a different copy of the image here. I have an empty bulletin board in my bedroom that I want to start filling with inspiration that has just enough sass to make me go, “Yeah, bitch, I got this.” This sort of fits the bill, although I don’t want to condone lighting things on fire as a literal solution to your problems. That solution is called “arson,” and last I checked, that shit still puts your ass in prison.

So yeah… don’t actually light tunnels on fire. This is a public service announcement brought to you by the super sassy Kelseytell. She likes to swear. Ha ha! I think I got me a tagline!

However, it makes a really valid point. Sometimes, I think we play the victims in our lives. We relinquish control by saying things like, “We’re too broken,” or “we can’t.” The pessimist extinguishes the light at the end of the tunnel, and we let that “fuck it” attitude drag us down.

I’m realizing that the “fuck it” attitude goes both ways, though. For instance, maybe I can’t do a full push-up… but fuck it, I’ll do a knee push-up instead. That’s the beauty of using “fuck it”; it all depends on your perspective. “Fuck it” can either mean you give up and let yourself wallow, or it can mean that you accept your failure and are moving on to something else. The pessimist sees “It’s never going to work, so I give up,” while the optimist says, “This particular thing isn’t going to work. Maybe I’ll try something else.”

Perseverance, my friends. That’s the key to getting out of the shadow of pessimism. It is the one thing that saves me as a sometimes pessimist. I’ve extinguished that light at the end of the tunnel so many times, but I keep relighting that light every single time I get back up.

What are you doing today to keep that light burning at the end of the tunnel? What does the light look like? These are questions I want to ask myself as I continue my journey.

Keep the light on,


P.S.- I think I am going to continue signing off from now on. I’ve done it once or twice, and I like it.


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