Yoga Tunics and Dirty Mirrors

Nine days in a row. I don’t think I’ve actually blogged nine days in a row before. Even when we didn’t have the “blog” option and I had my precious little diary that I would hide underneath my pillow. My asshole little sisters (in that particular instance, obviously) once took it and started reading it out loud to each other. I wanted to kill them. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t allowed to because murder is frowned upon and such…

I have this new temporary rule: no clothes until I lose enough weight that I need a smaller size.

The only exception to my rule is athletic clothes. I work at a major US apparel retailer, and I have a discount, so the temptation is monumental. Yesterday, I got the opportunity to scan tags for markdowns in the women’s athletic section. Five sports bras in a smaller size (because #lifegoals), one yoga bra, one graphic yoga tee, one sweater (that actually is sheer and I likely intend to use as a swimsuit cover-up, which I don’t actually have) and one dolman style long sleeve yoga tunic later… but I spent roughly $50 US on all that, which is actually pretty damn good. Plus, I hope the sports bras are motivational. They’re adorably bright colors, so I might want to work to get my less fat body into them.

Do I wish I hadn’t slightly broken my rule with the swimsuit cover-up/sweater thing? A little bit, if I’m honest with myself. Am I guilty enough to return it? Nope.

I was about to not tag this one with my “explicit language” tag, but let’s face it; I always throw a rogue “fuck” into my entries. If not, I did now.

Oh, so this is a grainy as hell photo of me in the bathroom, taking a picture of my new yoga tunic. The bathroom mirror also desperately needs to be cleaned, which I should likely do after I finish this entry:


Yeah, totally a worthwhile purchase. It is just as comfortable as it looks, too. I might be in love. So long, dating site, haha!

In some sort of odd way, I feel like I am coming back to myself. I’m not going for the asshole thing, anymore, and as the assholes are removing themselves from my life, I am actually finding that I am feeling better. Maybe that whole idea that people rub off on other people has some merit.

Anyway, I am going to try to get a little bit of outside time, since the sun is actually shining and it isn’t fucking cold. Then, maybe I will go clean that dirty ass mirror.

Be back for day 10… Yay double digits!


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