I just finished reading this. I’m 31, and it was kind of inspiring to see how all these beloved people didn’t find their stride until after 30: 12 Great People Who Didn’t Have Great Success Until After 30

Being lost doesn’t have an age limit, nor do I think it ever goes away. Instead, it probably waxes and wanes. Sometimes, we’ve got our shit together so much, we impress ourselves. Then, we have those days where we wonder how we managed to even get our shoes on the correct feet. Side note: Totally almost screwed that up with flip flops once. It is just as uncomfortable as it sounds, trust me.

When I searched and found this article, I saw all these little blurbs about how it always seems like assholes are the only ones who succeed and I realized how sad it is that people think you have to be a fucking dickface to succeed in life. You really don’t, and it took me a long ass time to realize that.

Actually, I think a better idea is to take those assholes, and use them as a reminder. Like, “Hey, these dickfaces here? I don’t have to be them to be amazing and successful in life. Instead, I am going to be a good, loving person and break this ‘assholism leads to success’ stereotype.” Yes, I am back to making up words again. I’m just going to call that a banner of my creativity.

Oh and good news! I managed to get to the gym for the first time today. I decided to be one of those people who posts about it on Facebook, and it turns out, quite a few of my personal Facebook people go there.

Anyway, back to assholes. Wow, I never thought that would be a sentence I would write. I talked about a situation a few days ago. Turns out, he is truly just a backstabby asshole (We should have a count on how many words I make up). I’m sort of using him as more of a motivator to be like, “Ha! You think you can bring me down, bitch? You’ve just made me invincible, motherfucker!”

For the record, I actually talk like this in real life, from calling men “bitches” to compound words that include the use of fuck. You are getting the full blown Kelsey experience. All, I think, 4 of you, now? I wasn’t expecting much in the followers front, so thank you all for that. I hope I continue to give you reason to keep coming back and enjoying my posts. You give me all the more reason to keep this up and keep you engaged with my process. In other words, you’re my non-asshole motivators.

For the first time in a while, I actually think I am going to be ok. I’m not in the best of places right now, but I am figuring things out. Maybe I really am recovering. Holy shit.


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