Zeppelin and Swirls in the Ceiling

Hey look! I came back again for the second day in a row! Holy shit!

If you want to feel like you’re on my mental plane, download and listen to ALL THE LED ZEPPELIN! Actually, if you don’t have like all the Led Zeppelin songs, you are really missing out. No joke. It’s beautiful shit (Unlike my writing… BOOM, self burn!). No worries, I’m totally kidding… Sort of. I’m still in recovery, right?

Seriously, I have the weirdest commitment issues. If something is good for me, I am going to either destroy it, run from it, or give it some sort of plague. Well, not the plague. I am one of those pro-vaxxers (Side note: Why do anti-vaxxers get their own name? I guess majority opinions are sometimes boring) who really likes not dying from messed up illnesses that used to kill people in droves.

Yeah, back to commitment issues… I run from the good stuff out of my inferiority complex. When I say I’m too smart, it’s a joke. I honestly am not that full of myself. Deep down, I am way too critical and cruel to myself to actually take the time to believe in myself. That’s why I am keeping a diary for people to read… Um… I mean a blog, of course (Fuck, they’re on to me, now!).

Actually, about a decade ago, when I was a heck of a lot healthier in pretty much every aspect of health, daily journal writing was something I took very seriously. It was important to me to get my emotional craziness out on paper (Yeah, I used to willingly take part in the destruction of trees for my own emotional benefit… But hey, some of them planted trees, too!) because I didn’t want to be an emotional wreck. Being an emotional wreck sucks, so, of course, I decided to walk my way right back to it.

The fact that I am taking this time shows I’m probably still invested in making myself better. Otherwise, why would I bother putting so much time and effort into this? Because, you know, I lost a whole 10 minutes that I could’ve used to count the swirls on my ceiling. Not even joking. There are actually swirls on my ceiling. My parents’ house was built in the 70’s and remodeled in the 80’s, I think. It showed in major ways when we moved in. We even had some epic shower tiles that had whales and seahorses. Yeah, I can already feel the envy emanating from every person that reads that part.

Sorry, got distracted by swirls and finding the bridge… seriously, if you listen to Led Zeppelin, you’d totally get that. If not, missing out, I tell you. What was I trying to discuss in this entry? Oh commitment and not being an asshole to my poor health. Right. Those are good things to focus on… not horribly decorative swirls. That’s pretty much all you need to gather from this entry. Carry on with your day.

Oh, and in case you really want to know… I have never finished counting the swirls on my ceiling. “Jesus Christ this is a waste of time,” usually derails that train. I do have some standards for my time.


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